TRAVEL ALERT: Snow in Southern Brazil


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In my 20+ years here I don’t recall ever seeing a photo showing so much snow in Southern Brazil.  Normally, it snows enough to cover the ground in a thin, white layer, but no significant accumulations.

The photo was taken in Serra, in the region of Campos de Cima da Serra, in Vale do Taquari, in Northern Rio Grande do Sul.

Not really a travel alert, but if you come to Brazil this time of year and go to the South dressed as if you were going to Bahia…well, you are going to suffer!

Map: Rio Grande do Sul

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VISAS: Work Visas Given 1st Semester 2103


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Between January and June were granted 29,400 work permits in the country. CNIg 1490 authorized work visas

Brasilia, 13.08.2013 – The General Coordination of Immigration of the Ministry of Labor and Employment (CGIg / MTE) granted from January to June a total of 29,486 work permits to foreigners, and 27,975 temporary and 1,511 permanent. Compared to the same period in 2012 decreased by 3.5%, when 30,305 permits were issued. The balance was released on Wednesday (14) by the Ministry of Labour and Employment.
Authorizations were granted mostly to men (26,792), and 2,694 women concessions issued for work in Brazil.
Of the total, 27,975 permits are temporary, being 11,725 ​​with 90 days; 5611 with a term of up to one year, 2,678 for up to two years, with an employment contract in Brazil and 7,961 with a term of up to two years without an employment contract in Brazil.
Permits permanent concessions totaled 1,511, with 574 issued to individual investors, 889 for officers, directors, managers and executives with management powers and similar and 48 for others.
Analysis – The largest temporary permits were granted for work on board the vessel or platform (7766) or for technical assistance, without employment. Abroad as an artist or athlete, were granted 5343 authorizations.
For technical assistance, technical cooperation and technology transfer, without employment, were granted 3,606 permits, employment specialist with 2,622 permits, for foreign seafarer on board the tourist ship operating in Brazilian waters, 1,619 and 637 permits were granted for other professionals.
Furthermore, in 1977 foreigners had extended their stay in the country and 664 others had their temporary visas transformed into permanent.
The Americans were foreigners that received temporary authorization to work in the country (3,947), followed by the British (2278) and Filipino (2,056). For Germans were granted 1,598 visas, while for the Indians, 1377. 
Sao Paulo (10.705), Rio de Janeiro (10,699), Spirit (1395) and Rio Grande do Sul (934) were the most popular destinations for temporary foreign workers in 2013.
In terms of schooling, the total of 27,975 permits issued this year, 15,049 were for workers with a college degree, 11,866 for workers with high school education, 888 for workers with a Masters / PhD. 
CNIg – The National Immigration Council (CNIg), the agency responsible for immigration policy in the country, 1,490 permits granted in the semester, and 1,124 for males and 366 for females. Of the total, 1,258 visas were issued to permanent and 232 temporary workers.
Such authorizations, most were granted to Haitians (872), followed by French (95) Portuguese (47) Italian (43) and Spanish (37). Last year, there were 2311 grants Council Haitians to work in the country. In an analysis by category, 953 were to work in a humanitarian residence, 285 abroad in stable with Brazil and 252 other categories.
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Work Authorization for Foreigners in Brazil


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To hire a foreigner in Brazil, the company or private person must apply for the work authorization for foreigners in a special organization of the Ministry of Work and Employment. This article informs how the authorization can be acquired and which documents are requested during this process.

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BLOG: A Brazilian Operating in This Area


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Top 10 most unbelievable things Brazilian politicians do


Blogger’s Disclaimer:

Disclaimer: this is NOT a post to say Brazil is the most corrupted nation on Earth. We are not that important. If that is the reason you’ve come here you will be disappointed. Corruption is a global issue and I believe cracking down on those who pay kickbacks is just as essential. Not all of those are Brazilians, are they?

** A good Blog to follow to better understand how the Brazilian political culture functions (or doesn’t functions).

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CITIES: Rio – Behind the Protests: A Rio Commute–RioGringa Blog


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DSCN0665Brazil’s protests have died down to some degree, though a strike and more protests are planned for July 11, and demonstrations are likely as far down the line as September. The political fallout has continued, with more decisions on the national and local levels of government. The protests have spawned a vast and lively debate, and have revealed that Brazilians don’t feel represented by their elected officials.

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Dissolve Brazilian National Congress, Says Spanish Sociologist


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The Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells, 71, says that there is no hope of reforming the Brazilian National Congress. Castells argues that Congress should instead be dissolved in favor of a constituent assembly. ‘Brazil’s main problem is not economic, but political,’ he affirms. ‘If the political system is not reformed then the hope for change represented by the recent protests will give way to collective anger and individual cynicism.’

Castells is one of the most highly regarded scholars of contemporary social movements and their political consequences. By coincidence, he was in Brazil last month during the protests, and wrote of the experience in an article published on Saturday by the newspaper ‘La Vanguardia’, of Barcelona. In the text, he writes that policemen of Brasilia and the Ministry of Justice killed demonstrators, though this did not occur.

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Today medical professionals are protesting nationwide.


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