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Photo: Brazil Pictures Org

I have no first-hand knowledge of Macaé.  The media either praises Macaé as the Oil Capital of Brazil, the city with the highest percentage of gringos or a city with the highest murder rate in the State of Rio.  Kind of depends which day you read the paper.It is not a tourist city.Rio das Ostras, 28 km down the road on the way to Buzios,  appears to have a better quality of life .  Rio das Ostras is a tourist city, but not to the scale of Cabo Frio and Buzios, which are traditional tourist, beach cities.

If you want to get a high-paying oil job in Macaé start in Aberdeen, Houston or Stavanger. It is expensive to put gringos to work in Macaé. I’ve read that the international oil service companies are giving priority to the training of Brazilians due to the high-cost of hiring gringos.  However, it seems that there is still strong demand for short-term contracts for specialized, oil industry professionals.

If anyone has first-hand knowledge about he job market in Macaé, please comment.