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Ease of Doing Business in Brazil

Ease (or Unease) of Doing Business in Brazil

The World Bank ranks Brazil number 122 out of 178 in the ease of doing business.   On top of this, it is expensive doing business here.  The bureaucracy is murder

Brazil is not an efficiently run country, which adds to the cost of just about everything. This increased cost is known here as “Custo Brasil”.


  • Unloading a container in Brazil is still twice as expensive as it is in India, and takes three times longer than it does in China. The average Brazilian company pays 69% of their net profits to the government and spends 2,600 hours preparing taxes every year.
  • Over 50% of all freight is sent by truck over highways that are for the most part very poor…..1st world trucks on 3rd world roads.

Interesting Economic Facts:

  • Twenty-five years ago, when South Korea’s gross domestic product was $1,900 a head, Brazil’s was $1,600. Now Brazil’s has risen to just $7,000 while South Korea’s is three times larger at $20,000.


This page has limited information at this point; however, over time it will be expanded to better illustrate  Custo Brazil.



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