BR ECON:  This currency’s collapse is ‘astounding’: Trader


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The Brazilian real hit an all-time low Wednesday, and according to one currency strategist, there’s no telling when the fall will end.

Source: This currency’s collapse is ‘astounding’: Trader


Brazil is now cheap compared to how it has been the last 10 years….if you earn US$, EURO, SF or other recognized international currency.

This is not the time to come to Brazil to work making Reais.

If you come with a multinational, make sure the majority of your salary is paid in $.

Crime is on the rise.  How bad depends on where you live.  Images from Copacabana.  This is Brazil’s Post Card……….not pretty.   BTW, can you imagine going to the Olympics in Rio?

Brazil is on a downward trend in most sectors, but if you have $ and want some (adventure) fun; come on down…if you are under 30.   :-)

ECON: There’s no way around it: Brazil is a disaster


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There’s no way around it: Brazil is a disaster.In a report to clients on Friday, economists at Deutsche Bank took a detailed look at South America’s flagging economy and found that, any way you cut it up, things are not good.

In recent weeks, the government has seen its debt rating cut to junk, and in response it introduced a $17 billion austerity package that will freeze public hiring, cut about 1,000 jobs, and eliminate 10 ministries altogether.

As the AFP outlined in a report earlier this week, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has now been “painted into a corner” as she deals with a recession, inflation rising sharply, unemployment soaring, and corruption allegations to boot.


Impressive charts, but depressing charts.  It is difficult to find any positive, economic news these days.  Beside that, the local media seems to only have “crime” news now……guess there is plenty of crime on which to report.

VISAS: The Expat and the Immigrants


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photo- Emyr W. Humphreys

Emyr W. Humphreys

Word-doodler. Graduate of Latin American Studies. Currently based in Porto

The Expat and the Immigrants

A few months ago, I went to Porto Alegre’s Federal Police headquarters to sort out my visa. I arrived at the building, which looked like something right out of Star Wars, and left a little over an hour later with permission of residency in hand and the promise of a shiny new visa in the post.

I was told to head to a room at the back of the main lobby area, past rows of bored-looking locals waiting to carry out their mundane bureaucratic tasks. Here, in the immigration section, I was told by the nonplussed woman at the desk to take a seat and wait until I was called to one of the offices upstairs.


GOVERNMENT: Brazil’s political crisis explained


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This article explains very well the present situation in Brazil.  It shows just how screwed up the country is.  click here


The economy is tanking, but sharper and faster than what I have seen before.   A lot of people are going to be suffering over the next two years, which is how long I think it will be before the county gets back to anywhere near where it has been these last five or six years.  The Agricultural sector is the only one doing well.   Brazil will stumble through this but it is just another chapter in the book “Why Brazil Doesn’t Progress”.   Sad.

The Lioness Of Brazil – Forbes


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The Lioness Of Brazil – Forbes.

“In 2006, in the midst of a global bull market, the last thing Fernanda de Lima wanted was to go back to Wall Street. After earning degrees in math and econ from University of Sao Paulo and an M.B.A. from NYU, and then logging long hours for a decade in mergers and acquisitions at Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan, Lima had had enough. She washed her hands of finance and, with her husband as CEO, was neck-deep building an online news site called InfoMoney. The pair was raising three young children at home.” 

click for full article

TRAVEL-BUS: Traveling by Bus in Brazil | The Rio Times | Brazil News


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Getting Around: Traveling by Bus in Brazil | The Rio Times | Brazil News.

“Making use of Brazil’s extensive coach network has always been a good way to get around the country. Without a train system, buses provide a safe, comfy and affordable way to cover vast distances, as well as shorter ones, and enjoy the scenery at the same time.”

Click Here

CRIME: Getting Worse


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Within the last three months:

  • Brother-in-Law had a gun put in his face in front of this gym at 0630 hrs.  Stole his car.
  • Niece had her IPhone stolen at gun point while sitting inside her car with her kids sitting next to her in front of her Mother-in-Laws on a Saturday morning.
  • Two elderly women going to gym up the street had their cars stolen early in the morning on main avenue.
  • The pharmacy across from where the elderly ladies had their cars stolen, was robbed at night.

DAILY LIFE: Going to the Supermarket


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Extra Supermercado

Going to the supermarket here is always a bit of an adventure.

I walked up to the local Extra Hipermercado this morning to pick up a few items.

I saw that my wine was on sale so I picked up 3 bottles.

At the check-out stand, I informed the young lady “This wine is on sale.”  Why did I say that?  Because the sale price and the electronic price at checkout  many times will not match and the mis-match is always in favor of the supermarket.   Today was just such a day.

When she totaled up the items, the sale price for wine price did appear.  The checker hit the button that calls the “price-checker-on-shakes” person.   We waited and waited and waited.  Nada!  The checker ask me “Could you go over and get the price tag for the sale price?” !!!!  It told her it was a large sign, not a sticker.  I gave up on waiting for the price checker and told the her I’ll pay my bill as is.   I then inserted my credit card, entered the password and waited and waited and waited.  I gave up on paying by credit card and paid in cash.

There were 4 others waiting in line.  I apologized to them and they were very understanding.  Actually this is part of daily life here and not unusual occurrence.

For the hell of it, I headed over to the complaint department.  There was one young lady there who was making pretty packages for an elderly woman.  Obviously gifts.  I could see this was going to be another wait and wait so grabbed my stuff and headed back home.

Fortunately, we have an online supermarket here that delivers.  So far it works well. I find myself using it more and more.  It cost a bit more, but at least I don’t have to go through an obstacle course to shop.  I will be using it more and more.

COST OF LIVING: 2015 prices in Brazil


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After prices being stable for several years, inflation has returned combined with a serious downturn in the economy.  The official rate is around 8%.   Interest rates on credit cards have also moved up to 12,14% PER MONTH!! or 295,48% PER YEAR!

UPDATE:  27 May 15:   Interest rate on credit cards now at 347,50% p/yr.

  • Banco do Brasil – several xsl files on prices in different sectors (EN)
  • Expatistan – general prices in cities around the country.
  • Newbeo – general prices in cities around the country.

Henry Ford’s Lost City In The Amazon – The Daily Beast



His aim was to build the world’s largest rubber plantation, but Henry Ford’s dream of ‘Fordlandia’ became an expensive, epic failure.


“Fordlandia – Escritorio local et allée de manguiers” by Méduse – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

via Henry Ford’s Lost City In The Amazon – The Daily Beast.


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